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Providing life-saving treatments for young children

Clear Solutions envisions a world in which no child dies a preventable death from diarrhoeal disease
Our Work

Our latest news

May 2024: Concluded "Phase 2" ORS+zinc distribution to a target of 20,000 children in Kano State, Nigeria.

March 2024: Published our Kano Pilot report, with results supportive of significant scale-up.

Over 400,000

Over 400,000 children die of diarrheal disease every year

This makes diarrhea 1 of the 3 largest killers of children under 5-years-old globally.

Clear Solutions improves access to and awareness of a simple treatment that could prevent >90% of those deaths.

Less than $1

This effective treatment costs less than 1 dollar.


Oral rehydration solution (ORS)
  • Mixture of Water, Sugar, and Salts

  • Helps prevent dehydration, the primary cause of children’s deaths due to diarrhoea

  • Prevents up to 93% of diarrhoea deaths

Zinc tablets
  • Restore function of the intestines, boosts the immune system

  • Reduces the duration of the diarrheal episode and helps prevent future episodes for 2-3 months.

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ORS & Zinc have saved millions of lives in recent decades. However, they are tragically under-used by some of the communities most in need worldwide.
Our intervention focuses upon increasing ORS & Zinc usage in NigeriaOur Kano Pilot report gives a detailed view.
Clear Solutions partners with Community Health Worker organisations to reach the communities who can benefit most from ORS and Zinc. We focus on supporting and collaborating with existing health organisations.
We welcome potential collaborators from healthcare organisations in sub-Saharan Africa, local and international non-governmental organisations, and aligned charities. Please do contact us.
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