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Charlie Jeong


Jun Young (Charlie) Jeong is a medical doctor with a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.

He previously completed a vaccine field research project in Pakistan, providing advisory support to the government. Charlie also has ample experience in various low-resource settings such as Mongolia, Fiji, and rural Australia where he helped provide medical care.

Martyn James has 15+ years of experience in building partnerships and industry-wide alliances in the technology sector at Google.

In his last position as a senior leader in Android Partnerships, he founded and scaled up global teams, set strategy in complexity, and delivered large multi- year programs.

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Martyn James



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Dr Zachary Wagner

Dr Zachary Wagner is an economist at the RAND Corporation, known for his expertise in global health policy and innovative field experiments. Within his research portfolio spanning health financing, behaviour change, and disease prevention, he led a key randomized controlled trial in Uganda, evaluating several community health worker distribution models for ORS and zinc to treat diarrhoea in children under-5, identifying significant potential for increased ORS and zinc uptake.


Patrick Stadler

Patrick is co-founder and chair of the board of GiveWell-recommended nonprofit, New Incentives. He helped New Incentives scale from to over 100,000 users for their vaccination programme in Nigeria. 


Patrick was previously a political advisor for Switzerland’s economic development agency and worked on strategic communications for peacebuilding and mediation at the UN.


Jane & Simon Berry

Jane and Simon Berry are founders of ColaLife and a driving force behind the ORS and Zinc Co-pack Alliance (ORSZCA). ColaLife catalysed huge improvements in ORS+zinc usage rates in Zambia through both the private and public sectors. This success led to engaging the WHO on the addition of co-packaged ORS+zinc to the Model Essential Medicines List, and later building ORSZCA to convene stakeholders with the aim of accelerating the uptake of the co-packaging recommendation.


Joey Savoie

Joey co-founded Charity Entrepreneurship in 2018 and the organisation has since helped launch numerous high-impact nonprofits through its Incubation Program.


Joey previously founded and led Charity Science Health, a global health charity sending SMS reminders for immunisation appointments in India.

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