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Partner with Clear Solutions

Request for Proposal - Nigeria (Q4 2023)


Clear Solutions seeks a partner organisation to support preparation and implementation of a small-scale pilot of our intervention in Nigeria.


Clear Solutions’ goal is to increase the usage of oral rehydration solution & zinc (ORSZ) as a cheap and effective treatment for diarrhoea in young children. We plan to partner with Community Health Workers (e.g. via the CHIPS programme or CHW-employing NGOs) to distribute ORSZ packages door-to-door to households with children under 5 years old, providing usage guidance and encouragement. The ORSZ will be distributed free of charge, for example by being paid-for by Clear Solutions, utilising local supply chains.


We seek a CAC-registered implementation partner, likely a non-profit based in Nigeria, to support preparation and implementation of a small-scale pilot in a mutually agreed location.

Pilot implementation outline

In partnership with a CHW/CHIP group, provide ORSZ and usage guidance to 100-200 households with children aged 0-4 years old. Several days later, perform follow-up surveys of these households.


Target timeframe: January 2024.


A successful pilot may be followed by scale-up within the State over the following 12 months, logistical factors allowing.

Pilot preparation & visits

​Ahead of the pilot, Clear Solutions co-founders plan to visit one or more states in Nigeria in November 2023 to assess operational feasibility and start a dialogue with State and Local-level Government stakeholders for Primary Healthcare. 

We hope to use this opportunity to meet in-person with potential implementation partners in their HQ location or recommended intervention area, and invite your input on access to stakeholders and meeting with representative CHW/CHIP groups and their communities.

Express an Interest

Express an Interest or Apply here. We expect to close applications on Sunday, October 22nd at 11:59pm BST. Applications beyond this date will be considered on a rolling basis but we may give priority to candidates who are able to move through the process sooner.

Or email us at if you have feedback or questions.

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